PRSA Chicago is the latest chapter to participate in the Moving Veterans Forward Initiative

PRSA Chicago is proud to support our military veterans with free national and local memberships. Through the program, military veterans transitioning into corporate public relations and communications careers will have access to a number of professional resources. Learn more here: PRSA National is honored to be working with the U.S. military public affairs community to.. read more →

Volunteering Leads to Value in PRSA Participation for “Solo Practitioners”

For the past 15-plus years, my professional time spent in the industry has been as a “solo practitioner,” or more specifically, the in-house public relations/communications guy at two professional associations. More recently, I joined a university transportation research department, where I manage public affairs and lots more.  Before that, I worked for five agencies here.. read more →

The Doctor (of Spin)… Is In

I have been working in healthcare communications my entire career, often prompting family and friends to help them diagnosis themselves, their loved ones, and sometimes, perfect strangers. While I answer with the usual “I am not a certified healthcare professional, I just play one at work,” it has struck me repeatedly through the years that.. read more →

Why Diversity in Public Relations Is a Business Necessity

Leading brands that want to build relationships in diverse and emerging markets around the world know it begins with recruiting, developing and retaining talent reflecting their client population. These companies know they can develop the most robust marketing plans, but at the end of the day; consumers want to trust and do business with companies.. read more →

Chicago-Area Professionals Give Perspective on Ethics for Ethics Awareness Month

In September, PRSA celebrates Ethics Awareness Month, providing an opportunity for the industry to discuss its role in ethics. We asked Bridget Coffing, senior vice president, corporate relations, McDonald’s Corporation; and Phil Gomes, senior vice president, Edelman Chicago for their take on what ethics means to them and insight on the biggest ethics-related challenges public.. read more →

Education: The Power of Publishing for your PR Career

I’m fortunate to teach undergraduates in public relations at two universities in Chicago. For me, this is a rewarding opportunity to share some of my experiences in communication and public relations with tomorrow’s leaders in our profession. I tell students often about two important lessons I have learned in my own career. First, it’s essential.. read more →

Get Serious About Public Relations and Your Career: Earn the APR Because You Want To

In these digitally driven days, those of us who practice public relations are compelled to do things because we have to. We have to keep current on technology, industry best practices, business, cultural and political developments and a lot more.  And, we have to prove to clients and stakeholders there’s value behind our counsel and.. read more →