17 Dec 2010

Chuck Merydith, Merydith Communications

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Chuck Merydith, APR


Merydith Communications

Did you fall into PR or was it your plan from the get-go?
Graduated with a Journalism/PR degree from NIU. My first job was magazine editor for The Illinois Restaurant Association. Was inspired by Dr. Albert Walker and Betsy Plank there.

Most fun part of your work:
Taking on creative challenges and finding unique ways to make scarce marketing dollars create maximum value.

Most challenging part of your work:
Keeping the pipeline stoked in a tough economy.

Most rewarding PR victory for your client/company:
Victories before 8 am each day as I’m now compiling critical news for DePaul University.

What websites/social media are essential to your job:
CNN, Google News, Reuters, NYT, WSJ, Trib, S-T and other major news sites … in my daily work producing DePaul’s Daily Digest. A labor of love.

Advice you would give to a PR undergrad:
Become involved in PRSSA, use their tools and get an internship(s) prior to graduation. Attend the Young Industry Professional series as well as PRSA meetings.

Why you’re a PRSA member:
As a 40-plus-year member, I’ve enjoyed a life-cycle that began with accreditation and continued through chapter presidency. The resources and tools have been incredibly helpful, but the camaraderie has been the greatest joy, as by nature, PR people are bright, witty and fun. You have to participate to reap the benefits and I’m enjoying participating in the Certification in Education for Public Relations program and helping with Accreditation.