17 Dec 2010

Debbie Harvey, GolinHarris

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Debbie Harvey GolinHarrisDebbie Harvey

Senior Vice President


Blackberry or iPhone or other?
Blackberry for work, old-school flip phone for play

Did you fall into PR or was it your plan from the get-go?
PR is the confluence of writing, reading, strategizing and socializing. I think it actually found me.

Most fun part of your work:
Mentoring staff and watching them grow professionally. I always remember the type of manager I didn’t want to be and hope I’ve made a difference in someone’s career (a positive one, that is!)

Most challenging part of your work:
Balancing varying and often concurrent client needs, but I thrive on multitasking so it is rewarding as well.

Most rewarding PR victory for your client/company:
2010 Agency of the Year for GH! We won twice in the past four years, that’s quite a statement.

What websites/social media are essential to your job:
I work in the healthcare sector, so Web sites like the Pink Sheet, NEJM, Pharma Marketing blog, FDA.gov and top-tier dailies’ online health sections are key to keeping an eye on the industry. The PRSA Issues and Trends round up is great for keeping a pulse on our industry across disciplines as well. Oh, and I may have visited Perez Hilton….once or twice.

Advice you would give to a PR undergrad:
Understand the business implications of PR, that’s how you will get the C-suite to take you seriously. Measurement is also key, learn more about it and you’ll have a leg up.

Why you’re a PRSA member:
PRSA offers good networking opportunities as well as provides excellent resources that busy PR professionals may not be able to always seek out on his/her own.