19 Nov 2010

November Update for PRSA Chicago President: Stephanie Krol

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Greetings! Its been a whirlwind trip representing the Chicago chapter at the PRSA Leadership Assembly recently in Washington, D.C. I was joined by five other voting delegates to represent our chapter: Amy Littleton, KemperLesnik; Joyce Lofstrom, APR, HIMMS; Julie Schafer, APR, Winning Presence; John Brooks, APR Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; Joel Curran, APR, MS&L. I’d like to thank them for not only giving up a weekend to travel to D.C. but for giving their time and energy to represent us strongly and oversee the governance of PRSA. This is not a light undertaking given the 16,000 PRSA members worldwide. There were 266 delegates at the Assembly with PRSA Chicago having six seats.

Our delegation was extremely proud that our own Joyce Lofstrom, APR, was elected for the 2011 Leadership Assembly Delegate-At-Large. We’re also grateful to member Edward Bury, APR, who jumped in at the last minute to represent PRSA Chicago and the Midwest District this August to spent a weekend with the Nominating Committee.

There are many new initiatives ahead for PRSA. Roseanna Fiske, APR, Chair Elect of PRSA, gave an overview of what we can expect in the coming months, including a stronger focus in areas like ethics, diversity and stronger district representation to PRSA National.

Accreditation was one of the hot topic issues at Assembly, as the bylaw still stands that one of the credentials to serve on the National PRSA board of directors is to have the APR designation. If you are interested in learning more about APR, please email Joyce Lofstrom of our board at jlofstrom@himss.org.

For a complete overview of the Assembly and more, please visit www.prsa.org. Next year, the Assembly and International Conference will be held in Orlando on October 15-18.

Finally, to end with some great news…PRSA has not had a membership dues increase since 2002, and we’re happy to announce that dues will stay the same in 2011!

Thank you,

Stephanie Krol
PRSA Chicago, President
Stephanie Krol Public Relations